Sailing Charter Sailboats Sicily Islands: Lipari, Egadi, Pelagee, Marina di Ragusa, Porto Rosa

If your dream is a vacation on a sailing boat we are the answer. We cover a 360 ° nautical: Rental to Purchase, the managementof your boat to the mooring. We started as a charter company andnow we are counting on a large fleet of sailing yachts from 36 to56 feet of our property. We hire with or without crew. Bet on Sicily, the heart of the Mediterranean, its natural and artistic beauty, the Aeolian Islandsand their charm, of Marina di Ragusa, and the charm of its seas and itshistory. The charter or rent a boat is not sudden. Thanks to our personalized, attentive service and able to follow the client for every need and every moment of your cruise, and thanks to the exceptional level of maintenance of our boats, we have become over the years one of the best-known brokers andreliable water Sicily and Italy.  Our skipper, our hostess, our technical staff is always at your disposal. We love the sea, and we know it.