It is the highest volcano in Europe, it is located in north-eastern Sicily and since ancient times its activity has been the object of admiration and fear.

Etna, indeed , it was indicated as the forge of the god Vulcan and the Cyclops, or like the pillar of heaven.

It overlooks the Ionian sea to the east, to the north it is bordered by the Alcantara river which flows between the beautiful "Alcantara Gorges", to the west and south - west it is bordered by the Simeto river.

The current shape of Etna dates back to the mid-1940s, high about 3.330 mt has a perimeter of 210km and an area of ​​1,600km.

The most famous of Etna's eruptions is that of 1669, when an immense torrent of fluid lava reached Catania, destroying it in part.